El Centro de las Américas brings you a chronicle of bike rides where we exercise, integrate our Latino population, and hit up local awesomeness. El Centro is a non-profit in Lincoln, Nebraska that strives to educate and empower the Latino community and the community at large.

Funding provided by Community Health Endowment of Lincoln.

martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Ride 9

Ride 9 took us to 21st and Holdrege where we found the John Dietrich trailhead on the edge of cute Lintel Park. Dietrich twists quite far northeast after linking with the Murdock Trail on 48th Street, but we hooked a right at 33rd and pedaled around the leisurely East Campus Loop.

Along the way we had a few chain drops, but a quick tightening trick had us back on the road.

I'd like to think Latino Bike Tour has all the excitement to keep a child awake, but nevertheless...

Our ultimo destino was the UNL Dairy Store, where they make everything from ag dept animals and such, including ice cream. Everyone was happy.

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