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martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Ride 12

Two things played against us for Ride 12's low attendance. First, being the start of the school year, none of the kiddos came because of Open House. Second, it was pretty cloudy with chance of some "weather". And here I thought the cool temp would bring droves.

So the three of us took Q street down to campus for a tour of the Kruger Collection, a miniatures gallery and one of UNL's best kept secrets (located in Arch Hall, if you're interested). I found out about it a few years ago because one of my best friends' sisters used to curate it. Full disclosure: Amber from the Great Plains Art Museum (from Ride 5).

Curator DiAnna showed us this year's exhibit, plus the back room where all the miniatures are stored. The collection is mostly furniture, but my favorite was a Japanese carving of a boy tugging a seated man's beard - carved out of a hardened peach pit. Maybe you can find it here, or just snoop around the thousands of other pieces. It's fun - as photos, they look like the real thing, but remember the pieces are 1/12 scale! For example:

Nice Ride!

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