El Centro de las Américas brings you a chronicle of bike rides where we exercise, integrate our Latino population, and hit up local awesomeness. El Centro is a non-profit in Lincoln, Nebraska that strives to educate and empower the Latino community and the community at large.

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martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Ride 11

Sorry, no photos! Jorge the photographer was not present for Ride 11. You'll have to trust my prose:

A new, fourth component of this program would be heat. But last Saturday was bearable, so I had to boost the "community integration" piece to compensate. I took riders down to the Haymarket, this time for an exclusive visit to Maggie's Wraps. Special thanks to El Centro board member Staci Bell for donating some cash to sponsor a ride, and in this case, snacks. Maggie shared her history in the biz, and then some cantaloupe.

So the bike tie-in: I remember back in '06 when I bought my first awesome bike (you know, upgrade from a long run of Joe Schmoe mountain bikes to a Bianchi). I went down to Maggie's to show my friends who were working there, and we immediately called a "Maggie's Ride" and got a rad group of about 25 people for a nice Friday afternoon spin all over Lincoln that went well into the evening.

ANYWAY. Maggie is a cycling enthusiast and local food activist with a sweet restaurant. Thanks, Maggie!

Nice ride!

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