El Centro de las Américas brings you a chronicle of bike rides where we exercise, integrate our Latino population, and hit up local awesomeness. El Centro is a non-profit in Lincoln, Nebraska that strives to educate and empower the Latino community and the community at large.

Funding provided by Community Health Endowment of Lincoln.

jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

Ride 7

A casual Tuesday ride brought us out to the Salt Creek/Oak Lake area west of Lincoln via the historic Haymarket's long bridge over the train track leading to Saltdog Stadium. It was another hot one and we had some wee children riding, so we made a water/granola bar stop early on. Latino Bike Tour unfortunately succumbed to its first rider spill, but luckily the result was only a scrape on the youngster's knee and a broken brake cable coupling.

We pressed on, Salt Creek at our side, until crossing over to Oak Lake for a nice rest and great view.Given our trend for taking new and improved R street, your tour guide decided to switch it up on them, so we re-routed on the way back, taking the North Bottoms route up to Antelope Valley. The entire street/trail system is new and unfamiliar, but one bridge crossing gave us a straight shot back to El Centro. Nice ride!

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