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martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Ride 6

Bit of a late start for Ride 6, but we managed to catch the exhibit "Within Reach" showing in the historic Haymarket's Haydon Art Center--a cozy pocket of art space on 8th and R. Thanks to a patient Carolin, the gallery tour guide who stuck around for our late arrival, we got a nice introduction to the show.

After that we loped a block over to From Nebraska Gift Shop and were at once inundated with Nebraska kitsch. Your tour guide's favorite pieces were wildlife delicately painted on feathers and bones, e.g. a bald eagle painted on an owl feather, a mountain lion painted on a cow scapula. Does anyone else find that hilariously awesome?

Next stop was The Mill, a favorite haunt of students, downtown professionals, retirees, and those needing a jolt.

Later we had a surprise stop up the road in the Near South barrio:

Mariachi! In a church parking lot!

The Breakdown:
Number of riders who hadn't previously visited any Ride 6 tour stops: Majority
Purchases: 1 jar jalapeño jelly; 1 granita; 1 empanada de fresa
Mariachi: present

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